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techLEAD engages communities through attendance, volunteerism and participation in forums throughout our region. As a member of the Electronic Frontier Alliance, we commit to principles of free expression, security, privacy, creativity and access to knowledge.


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We Should Know When Police Use Mass Surveillance Technology

Police are using unsecured mass surveillance technology, and the masses should be be forewarned.

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The Future of Power; A world with technologists off the sidelines

Privacy technology will be the future's great equalizer, but it's under attack from interests who want to maintain their power.

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Upcoming: Techies In The Lead; stories of technologists stepping up and taking action to effect change

In this ongoing series, we highlight the stories of average technologists who stood up and took the lead, directing the change they believed was needed.

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Upcoming: Net Neutrality Now & Later; A review of corporate threats to the open internet

As governments and corporations align to usurp the agnostic design of the internet, the 2018 elections present an opportunity to hold decision-makers accountable.

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